Monday, May 6, 2019

Quoteable Quotes

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." 
-- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Ace at Romance

Howdy folks,

It's been a hot minute since I've posted here. I really hit the ground running with this fire season. In addition, I have been working hard with Lauren on the newest drafts of Frostfire and Fated. Fingers crossed for both of those.

But, setting those aside, I wanted to talk about a question I have encountered recently after having come out as asexual and aromantic. To elaborate, I do not experience either sexual attraction or romantic attraction to people of any gender presentation. Neither do I lament this lack. I have had sex, both good and bad, and been in an intimate and long relationship. My point of view of the entire matter has always maintained that there is always something so much more productive I could be doing. It just doesn't do anything for me, as I never experience that "itch" so many people have described to me, that thing they must scratch. Sex is just an activity, one I could as easily replace with something more productive, like writing or baking a cake. And as far as romance, I admit I am willing to reevaluate my interest in that one day, but for now, the entire concept of being in a relationship and beholden unto another person simply does not interest me, and actually seems...unappealing, though I understand why other people seek it -- for companionship, reassurance, comfort, and many other reasons.

An enamel pin I purchased off of StoreEnvy from Kerin Cunningham
Somewhat understandably, I have been asked how this affects my writing, especially in the writing and enjoyment of character romances in stories. While I do not seek romance or sex in my personal life, I do enjoy watching characters in movies, shows, games, and books seeking it for themselves. There is a bit of a disconnect between myself and the fictional counterpart I am following if the plot is based heavily on characters experiencing and being influenced by lust alone, as that is not something I have ever experienced. I prefer to enjoy stories of complex relationships that develop over a long period of time (I mean a long time. Like several novel lengths). I also prefer novels to focus on issues apart from the relationship, which I like to see develop alongside the bigger plot narrative.

An acepride flag button from Laura, and an Ace Illuminati pin from Lauren (a long standing reference to not only the old internet meme, but our character on the game Secret World).
As you might gather, I am not an enormous fan of romance novels, though I do not dislike them. Often I read them with the intent of absorbing new and different ways to present language for those more romantic scenes I would like to include in my own stories. Often, this is how I personally achieve including romantic subplots in my novels -- I mimic either what I have seen in other novels that worked for that story or I base it on the observations I have made of the people around me. People watching is a favorite hobby of mine, and a great way to form new and interesting characters and perspectives.

Another important source of perspective for me are my widely varied acquaintances who do not mind my very odd questions about their sex and love lives. I am extremely grateful for their patience and understanding in trying to give me answers to questions they likely never expected to try to answer -- such as why people find lingerie appealing and why couples tend to have sex on birthdays, anniversaries, and other such occasions.

I am certain this very long post has opened up even more questions, and, so long as what you have to ask is respectful, I do not mind fielding them. Feel free to hit me up through our Facebook page.

Until next time,

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Quoteable Quotes

"The ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."

--John Augustus Shedd

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Now In Colour!

Howdy Folks!

So, as promised in thanks for all the help in choosing the subtitle for Frostfire, below is Barrett in marvelous colour, courtesy of the dark haired beauty of our pair -- Lauren. The original artwork was drawn by Laura Ann of Ethereal Illustrations. You can find more of her work (and commission her for your own purposes) on Facebook.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Progress Report

Howdy Folks,

So, we are halfway through the first month of the year, and I have to say, things are going great so far! Lauren and I just finished what we hope to be our last major revision on Frostfire before a professional editor looks at the draft (Which we hope to score sometime this year through an agent. Fingers crossed). We ended up biting the bullet and dividing the (very) long manuscript into two books, and paring out a few of the extraneous characters, replacing them with more central ones to introduce more characterization for, and information about, our main characters (or at least one of them). It does mean we technically have two and a half of the Frostfire series' books written though! The (now) second one will obviously need some cleaning up now that it has been divorced from its other half, but that sure beats the Hell out of having to write it fresh.

Our next order of business is to polish up our submission packet and start sending those queries out while we work on some other projects in the background. It is likely we won't stay away from the Frostfire books for long, though. We both adore Kyran and Barrett, and have a lot planned for them. There is actually a document we have in their folder title "The Big Picture" that has our plan for the books mapped out. It is flexible, and changes some as we develop the books and characters, but it is more or less the plan we have envisioned from the beginning, and boy, are you all in for a treat.

As a reminder, there is a special treat coming some time this month, so keep checking our social media for what that just might be.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, December 23, 2018


Music, coffee, tea… everyone has something by their side while they write, helping them push through the idle fog blocking the creative process and keep them sane. For some of us, it’s pets. Sweet, troublesome creatures that they are, they comfort us when we’re frustrated, and annoy us when we’re in the zone. Cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles, and everything else.

Lauren shares her writing bubble with her fur baby boy, Jasper. He’s a 4 ½ year old mutt found as a puppy behind a Waffle House. After a few days of fostering, the decision was made not to adopt him out. We’ve been told that he is likely either a Springer, Brittany, or Aussie mix, but definitely some sort of good ol’ fashion Labrador mix. He’s an anxious doofus who is only happy if he has his mom near, but likes the freedom to go lay in the hallway when he’s tired of trying to lay on top of her Chromebook when she’s trying to work. He also likes to lay on top of Xbox controllers and TV remotes so you can’t find them. When he’s not silently providing moral support (or, sleeping adorably, as it were) he will sit as close to the computer chair as he can, often getting his chin on the armchest, and whine insistently to be given attention, because clearly he is far more important than the development of your novel.

When in Georgia, Anna divides her attention between her two cocker spaniels, Tiana and Jasmine. They are seven and six years old, respectively, and playful as they are cuddly. Both are rescues, and both are as different as their coats. Where Tiana, the cute blonde, loves people of all types and will nosily demand attention by crawling into stranger’s laps and bumping their hands for pets, Jasmine, with her curly black coat, is the introvert dog, who finds meeting new people a little nerve wracking, and much prefers to lay by your legs of her own choosing, to be close without being smothered. Things are quite the opposite when it comes to the dread vacuum, though, and Jasmine bravely tried to murder the noisome machine, while Tiana cowers. The true struggle, though, comes when both are attempting to garner attention from Anna at the same time, and often leads to dramatic, snarling dog fights. Such is the woe of being so fiercely loved by two adorable dogs.


What kind of pets do you guys have? What sort of kinship do you hold with them? What do you find them doing when you’re working on your writing? If you don’t have any writing companions, what kind do you see yourself one day having? Do you have any characters that own interesting pets, mundane or fantastical? Leave us a comment and let us know!

-Lauren & Anna

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It's The End of The Year As We Know It

Howdy Folks,

At last, we are drawing close to the end of the year. I apologize for the radio silence. Not only was there Nano to contend with, but the rapidly approaching holidays have just about eaten all of our free time (mostly due to extra working hours). But soon, soon the blissful freedom of January shall be here.

Just as an update, Lauren and I are currently working on giving Forstfire one last revision before tweaking our submission packet and hitting the streets again to sell our novel to agents. If nothing percolates from this round, we have discussed possibly looking at other publshing routes, but we really want to give this another good round before we move on.

Our novel we worked on during Nano is about half-finished, and put on a backburner at the moment as we realized it was not developing quite as we envisioned. We have promised to return to it soon with a stronger gameplan once the new revisions are done on Frostfire and our attention is free to focus on it. We started in on another novel idea, but it is admittedly progressing slowly due to the large amount of focus Frosty is taking.

All in all, the end of this year is proving busy beyond measure, but hopefully with excellent things to show for it come 2019.

Til Next Time,
Anna Harpe